Gender Equality

09 Mar

Gender Equality

Digital: let’s go all out!

From 9 to 19 March, the equality and diversity office at Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University is joining forces with INSA Lyon, Polytech, IUT Lyon 1, the Blaise Pascal Foundation, the Institut Gaston Berger and the UFR d’informatique (IT education and research unit) for 15 days of events focusing on the presence of women in IT and the digital world

On the programme: a conference by Isabelle Collet; an exhibition of digital and poetic art by the Swiss artist Camille Scherrer; discussions and debate on women in video games, e-sport and Artificial Intelligence; workshops to learn how to code; a film-debate; and many more opportunities for reflection, discussion and pushing the boundaries.



Monday March 9th - Marie Curie Library - INSA Lyon 

18h18 : Quizz-Debate over gender stereotypes and the portrayal of women scientists in films and series.> with the participation of the associations Les Sang-Culottes and Egal’in 

20h20 : Les figures de l’ombre (film of Theodore Melfi – 80’)


Tuesday March 10th – Amphithéâtre - Polytech Lyon

Girls & Digital> with Isabelle Collet, computer scientist, teacher-researcher at the University of Geneva and French novelist. She is interested in gender issues and discrimination against women in computer science and science.

She published "Does computing have a gender? Hackers, myths and realities", "Understanding education through the prism of gender: theories, questioning, debates", "The forgotten of the digital world".


Wednesday March 11th - Inspé – Galerie


Building gender equality with video games> by Fanny Lignon

To be a digital artist> by Camille Scherrer

*From 4 to 11 March: Exhibition by Camille Scherrer at the Galerie de l'Inspé and the Education Library


Thursday March 12th - Marie Curie Library - INSA Lyon 

Apollo Workshop : digital on the system sideIntroduction to mechatronics and testimonials from professionals of the Systems & Networks sector.> with the INSA association "Clubelek" and secondary schools

Testimonials : Anne-Lise Papini (RSSI Univ. Lyon1), Stéphanie Dubois (Crédit Agricole), Isabelle Guerin-Lassous (Réseaux, recherche)


Monday March 16th  Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 – Campus de la Doua – Amphi Dirac


Artificial Intelligence and Ethics: not without women !

> with Christine Solnon (PR info, INSA, LIRIS), Amélie Cordier (association «Lyon is A.I.») Salima Hassas (PR info, Polytech, LIRIS), Béatrice de Montera (biologiste et philosophe, MCF à UcLy)> driven by Sara Bouchenak (LIRIS)


Tuesday March 17th – Marie Curie Library - INSA Lyon

18h18 - 20h20

Co-education, how to bring girls in and keep them, women's career development> driven by Véronique Deslandres (LIRIS)

Opération de JobDating (stages et emplois) et coaching individuel (étudiantes first)


Wednesday March 18th - Cybercafé Bâtiment déambulatoire Campus de la Doua

18h18 - 20h20

Round table and buffet : Women and video games. Sharing of experiences and prospects for professionalisation

> with Lucie Schlindwein – Project manager for Women in Game and graphic designer, Coralie Deboutte – Pedagogical coordinator XP School Lyon, playful and streaky, Marion Not – Gameplay Programmer at Ubisoft, Vanessa Kaplan – Project manager at the Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo (National Video Game Union)

Thursday March 19th - IUT, dpt Informatique - Univ Lyon 1

Reception of two groups of students from the Simone Lagrange and Tonkin secondary schools.

Visit to the Doua site to discover their artistic creations: "Portraits of digital pioneers" (INSA and IUT). 

Debate in the amphitheatre on the place of women in the digital world (voting boxes).

Algorithmic activities disconnected.

> with Stéphane Leroux, P.A. Champin, V. Deslandres et 2 classes from the scondary schools Simone Lagrange and Tonkin



• Camille Scherrer : To be a digital artist, at the Galerie de l'Inspé and the Education Library

Digital Pioneers (IUT Library and INSA halls), by the 4th year classes of partner secondary schools

• Women in IT, exhibition of the Région Aura (30 portraits), Building Nautibus and Polytech, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

• Pixel Art Portraits. Come and have your picture taken during the events and form a giant portrait of a digital pioneer!


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