Your education at INSA

If you have specific needs related to a disability (mobility, sensory, mental, disabling illness, language impairment, etc.), do not hesitate to contact the student disability unit and occupational health doctor in the medical centre.  Appropriate adjustments can be made according to your needs.

Some examples of possible adjustments:

For campus life

  • Marie Curie Library

  • Accommodation: adapted housing

  • Accessible catering: reception, organisation, furniture, etc.

For education

  • Changes to the curriculum: extending the length of the course to allow for a lighter weekly timetable

  • Human assistance (note-taking, tutoring, etc.)

  • Technical assistance (e.g. provision of adapted equipment)

  • Adaptation of buildings

  • Examination arrangements (extra time, examination secretaries, etc.)

  • Adapted PE classes


Sport for all

Sport is part of the education of INSA engineers and is focused not on sporting performance but on skills development at the individual and collective level (teamwork, interpersonal skills, setting goals, etc.). In this context, it seemed essential to offer activities allowing everyone to develop these skills, and the sports offered have been gradually expanded to best meet students’ needs: adapted bodybuilding, sophrology, shooting, swimming, table tennis, etc.

This system, implemented and developed by the Sports Centre, allows us to make sport accessible to all, to build students’ confidence by emphasising their abilities, and to avoid the need for exemptions.

In order to continue the development of these activities and to take into account the collective nature of sport, wheelchair basketball was added in 2016-2017.