The Monitoring Unit of the Institut Gaston Berger

The Monitoring Unit of the Institut Gaston Berger

The Monitoring Unit of the Institut Gaston Berger is designed to be a space for observation and documentary resources while also offering data analysis specific to INSA Lyon in order to shed light on the current challenges facing the institution, in line with the INSA model.

As an effective tool inherent in the work of the Institut Gaston Berger, its main objective is to highlight the specific features and developments facing the engineering profession, set in its societal environment, in order to draw up profiles for the INSA engineer of tomorrow.

The Monitoring Unit focuses both on research and on the visibility and evaluation of the current situation, and therefore has several roles based on access to and processing of data. These include:

  • Carrying out regular documentary monitoring on the national context of secondary and higher education, the career paths of engineering students, and features and developments in the engineering profession.

  • Taking stock of the situation of INSA students by analysing their career path in relation to the various issues addressed by the Gaston Berger Institute.

  • Monitoring and evaluating programmes and activities developed for all target audiences: secondary school students and INSA students.


The Monitoring Unit is currently developing three main areas of work as a matter of priority:

  • Measuring the success of student engineers;

  • The state of diversity at INSA;

  • The professional trajectories of engineering graduates.

In conjunction with the Education Department, a report is also drawn up at the beginning of each academic year and presented to the institution's authorities.

The Monitoring Unit achievements are mainly in the form of scoreboards for internal use and are the subject of publications (thematic fact sheets, etc.).