Gender Equality

Workplace equality

Educational guidance and better representation of different fields and professions is not the only issue at stake in promoting gender equality and diversity in science. Indeed, other processes and legislation come into play in employment and then career development that may be unfavourable to women or men in environments with a very low level of gender diversity.

Legal framework and key figures


Organisations and good practices


  • ANACT quiz: ‘Workplace equality & working conditions’. Test your knowledge.
  • Animafac has two thematic campaign kits to promote gender equality. The first aims to raise awareness of the invisibility of women in higher education and the second, co-sponsored by the association WAX Science, aims to raise the profile of female scientists.
  • The Centre Hubertine Auclert provides a kit of 5 posters and an educational booklet:Workplace equality: we’re working on it’.
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